Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is more than the natural extension of the analog billboard

Social Connect Solutions is chiefly concerned in helping our customers achieve maximum impact on the back of technology-enabled digital and location marketing. With insights from guest profile and behavior data, our customer can count on us to support them with their efforts around context aware Digital Signage.

Social hotspot® has the potential to transform each smartphone within your WLAN network into a digital billboard displaying your content. Digital Signage takes this concept and applies it to larger-size fixed location screens (LCD, LED, projectors).

Our service provides you with the necessary technology to present content-rich Digital Signage and display dynamic information. It follows our mantra of exposing your visitor with the right content within the right location and at the right moment.

Context aware Digital Signage from Social Connect Solutions tabs into the wider technological infrastructure at your venue. We integrate and combine your Digital Signage experience with other data, sensory information and relevant external factors, so that every opportunity for a customized client engagement is used. The real-time data influences and will deliver highly relevant promotional messages based on an interpretation of environmental cues.

The collected customer profile data allows for new insights to further optimize future message impact and physical store layout, not least back-end analytics.

Our customers need to raise awareness of their services. The digital and analog worlds need to be better coordinated so that public places, retail stores, shopping malls, hotels, education and other sectors never overlook an opportunity to communicate.

Digital Board
Digital Signage Screen

Digital content displayed on the Digital Signage is presented either as slide show, video clip, scrolling text, images or interactive interfaces