The modern way of office mobility

Introduce flexibility to office environments by connecting work computers to the WiFi network, freedom of movement and shared offices is made possible with corporate hotspot.

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corporatehotspot® provides to management and staff automatic login. Management is provided with monthly analytical report about staff and offices, can send announcements, newsletters to all staff with one click. It can get upgraded to be integrated with time attendance modul, can run surveys and upload certain applications for internal use of staff.

Business implementations:
– Government & private sector offices
– Banks & Insurances
– Healthcare
– Education, schools and universities & colleges
– Exhibitions
– Companies HQs and SMEs
– Factories
– Ports & Airports
– Business summits

Network warranty

We provide an optional network warranty for backbone hardware error cases throughout the entire running time of your WiFi network.

24/7 support and maintenance

We provide support from our well-qualified and certified team of technical experts by our network Operation Centre. The team can be reached on the phone on our technical hotline or by email around the clock.


corporate-hotspot® CAPEX and OPEX solution

Other than with capital investments in hardware, social-wifi Ltd. is offering attractive OPEX financing solutions for our customers. In that case no high investment into enterprise hardware is required, instead you pay monthly fees covered by your monthly cash flow and revenue.

corporate-hotspot® benefits:

  • Creates another digital channel in corporates
  • Converts a “cost only” technology in to feature rich corporate working experience
  • Strengthening corporate´s reputation as a pioneer in the digital field
  • Captures ongoing usage and behavior data of staff members
  • Digital communication in real-time
3 Components of corporate-hotspot®
  • Feature rich corporate digital platform
  • Enterprise-grade technology
  • Data capture & insights
3 Value Drivers of social corporate-hotspot®
  • Primary staff data base with behaviour data
  • Incredible office mobility set-up and experience
  • Monetize the mobile device flexibility

corporate-hotspot® services includes among others

  • Customized splash-page
  • One-click login
  • Password login
  • International set-up & language
  • Dynamic WiFi messaging
  • Micro surveys
  • Landing page
  • Time attendance
  • Staff groups with different configurations
  • Content filter & capacity limits
  • Secure WiFi & usage set up
  • Unlimited & time limited WiFi
  • Multiple SSID networks
  • Managed hotspot
  • Staff profile data
  • Customer profile data
  • Usage behavior data
  • Analytics report & dashboard
  • Location analytics & heat mapping
  • API link & data automation
  • Built-in beacon technology

The commercial rationale for using corporate-hotspot®


  • Lower user profile acquisition costs in e.g. customer service centers
  • Identify and collect ongoing user profiles
  • Communicate with staff members in real-time


  • Provide value with the right message to the right corporate staff members at the right office or branch location at the right time


  • Raise corporate branding and higher your corporate reputation among human resources
  • Be the leader in digitalization


  • Identify trends and changes to footfall rates or customer center visitor rates
  • Pinpoint and target inactive staff members


  • Combine staff profile data with behaviour information, find corporate critical trends