Our Beacons solution

BLINKE® is the mighty beacons tool to connect wholesalers BLINKEand retailers with their customers at their stationary business via Beacons Technology, which is based on Bluetooth. Whether you have your own IOS or Android application or not, BLINKE® make it possible to push targeted sales and marketing content to your customers. This is the new way of OMNI channel marketing which became an absolute necessity to keep your business in front of competitors.

Beyond that, beacons can also be used in other areas, e.g. public domain, such as in public spaces this technology can be used to offer information to passers-by or tourists. The information get displayed as a push message on their mobile devices.

With our service in place, our customers do not need to search, shop or involve another vendor in regards to Beacon technology. The bluetooth Beacon technology is already included in our high enterprise access points and cloud based network.