WIFIHERO® – The ultimate reliable WiFi experience for small and medium venues and branches

Serve your guests with a speed of light WiFi service. With amazing branding and entertainment possibilities, happiness is guaranteed while being in venue. This unbeatably priced service is bundled with beacons to send quick announcement or offers and alert guests.

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Our solution is equipped with WIFIHERO®´s Eye, providing accurate business insights about venues and guests behaviours and can handle large number of guests simultaneously.

WIFIHERO® can get upgraded to suit your specific business needs, i.e. hardware & software integration, marketing tools, user profile collection and in-depth & forecast analytics.

Business implementations:
– Retail: Shops and Branches
– Food & beverage: Cafés and Restaurants & Chains
– Indoor and Outdoor Events
– Exhibition Stands
– Bank and Insurance Branches
– Medical Practices
– SME´s
– Government Service Centres and Branches

Network warranty

We provide an optional network warranty for backbone hardware error cases throughout the entire running time of your WiFi network .

24/7 support and maintenance

We provide support from our well-qualified and certified team of technical experts by our network Operation Centre. The team can be reached on the phone on our technical hotline or by email around the clock.

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WIFIHERO® Benefits:

  • Creates another digital marketing channel in events
  • Converts a “cost only” technology in to feature rich guest event experience
  • Strengthening event´s reputation as a pioneer in the digital field
  • Captures ongoing usage and behavior data
  • Digital marketing in real-time
3 Components of social WIFIHERO®
  • Feature rich guest experience
  • Enterprise-grade technology
  • Data capture & insights
3 Value Drivers of social WIFIHERO®
  • Primary user database combined with guest behavior
  • Context specific consumer communication & awareness
  • Monetize the smart phone digital billboard

WIFIHERO® Services and Features

  • Customized splash-page
  • One-click login
  • Social media login
  • International set-up & language
  • Dynamic WiFi messaging
  • Micro surveys
  • Landing page
  • Content filter & capacity limits
  • Secure WiFi & usage set up
  • Unlimited & time limited WiFi
  • Multiple SSID networks
  • Managed hotspot
  • Customer profile data
  • Usage behavior data
  • Analytics report & dashboard
  • Location analytics & heat mapping
  • API link & data automation
  • Built-in beacon technology


Capture behavior and habits to get insights on your customers with WIFIHERO®

WIFIHERO® is designed to gather information on your WiFi users’ buying habits, allowing you to customize your offerings based on their profiles.

Plug & Play

It’s that easy! We will take care of connecting you to WIFIHERO® so you won’t have to buy, load, configure, and maintain any software at all!

How does this work?


Deliver and raise awareness toward products / services when the user is at your venue


Present content dynamically based on whether this is a first time or repeat visitor, whether it is a resident or tourist etc.


Adapt content based on the user real-world location and deliver different content in line with physical store presentation


Make use of different guest experience features like pop-up, video pop-up, dynamic pop-up, slide show pop-up which change and are aligned with specific key events

The Commercial Rationale for using WIFIHERO®


  • Lower customer profile acquisition costs
  • Identify and collect ongoing user profiles


  • Provide value with the right message to the right audience at the right location at the right time


  • Communicate and deliver personalized message on the back of what you know about the visitor behaviour


  • Identify trends and changes to visitor rates
  • Pinpoint and target lapsed / infrequent visitors


  • Segment audience and optimize future engagement
  • Combine guest profile data with behavior information